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  • up to two visits (physical or virtual) to assess overall space and nursery layout

  • Four 30 minute info sessions on the following:

    • guidance on actual needs vs unnecessary extras with detailed list​

    • newborn sleep guidance and how to maximize rest

    • car seat safety

    • relationship stress support: ways to prepare against miscommunication and establish realistic expectations before baby comes

    • postpartum mood & anxiety disorder awareness and info

Montessori: ​

Initial Consultation - 

A home visit (physical or virtual) for guidance on arranging and utilizing a nursery with Montessori principles. This includes layout optimization, toys, furniture, and pedagogical theory to support the first 3-6 months. Up to 1.5 hours

Updating Environment - 


Additional support for developmental upgrades as child's needs and capacities evolve past the newborn stage into infant, toddler, and beyond. This includes preparing other spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, play room, etc. Up to 1 hour of virtual check in.


Bengkung Bellybinding Session

  • In home binding and instruction on how to bind yourself or someone else assist in binding (up to 1 hour)

  • Printed handout with instructions on use

  • Fabric for wrap, extra cloth for under wrap, warming paste included

This may be a stand alone service

Single Wrap Application

  • In home binding support to be fully and properly binded (up to 45 min, wrap not included)

*Must be added with another service 

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