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From our initial meeting until your baby is in your arms, customized support will be adjusted to your needs. Support spans from breastfeeding tips, basic baby care knowledge, professional referrals, meal preparation, recommendations on products/equipment, a non-judgmental ear to listen and answer questions, any other needs  necessary for the family to be confident.


Whether it's your first born or fifth born, I am up to date with all evidence based care. I give hot tips and suggestions from how to prevent diaper rash to which swaddle is best for your baby. I'm here to support parents in learning sleepy/hunger cues, appropriate wake windows, preparation for a healthy sleep foundation, and ways to ensure developmental milestones are being met.


Based on ancient Malaysian Bengkung binding, this technique wraps a long cloth around a postpartum woman's torso and hips. This bind provides physical support around the abdomen. It can also quicken the process for the body to return to it's pre-pregnancy state. Supports diastasis recti recovery, stabilizes loose ligaments, and reinforces posture to prevent slouching while breastfeeding.

Contact me for immediate support in the
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